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Monitor Archive for November 14, 2002

Tablet PC not quite the final word
In the middle of 12th century
At refugee ministries, welcome mats withdrawn
Moral jousting over war and peace
New homeland security agency faces rough road
The art of collateral damage
Bill Gates, the biggest thing in India since the Beatles
In Iran, a challenge to hardliners
Business & Finance
What we really learn at school is people
Monitor Breakfast
Some Africans prefer hunger to a diet of gene-altered corn
Who knew? Try Einstein.
Bush envisions a kinder, gentler April 15
Protection from acts of violence
Hip-hop tries to break image of violence
Wanted: artists willing to dig
Grandmother put songs in my heart
Final Sale: Everything must go!
Reporters on the Job
Out of Mideast rubble - friends
Criticized by left and right, Sharon still thrives
The head Native American stories on the Web
An Accounting for the SEC
Rise in antiquities theft vexes Israel's 'Indiana Joneses'
Pelosi shatters a marble ceiling
China's Communist Party - different in all but its name
Man: 0 Machine: 1
Lame Ducks Do Fly
A look at the National Book Awards nominees / Young Adults
Bin Laden is back, now as defender of Iraq
As Argentina goes, so go the Americas