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Monitor Archive for October 31, 2002

Leonid meteors promise a particularly bright night
Salem's bedeviled history
Trick, or treat, or treasure
California political axis now east-west
Election wild card: mobile voters
Reinventing church
After a UN resolution, the 30-day countdown starts
Three women's compelling stories
Business & Finance
Today, no other vegetable will do
Mondale's entry energizes Minnesota race
A Holy Ghost story
How to survive a gas attack: 'First, stop breathing'
What's missing from this story?
Reporters on the Job
Is Iraq like the Cuba crisis? It's worth Bush considering
Iraq: Unsanctioned Voices
This Halloween, adults (and dogs) scare less easily
Off the California coast, it's alien rats versus native birds
When corn is king
W. Africa feels Ivory Coast woes
Throwing the Book at Hussein
Should death penalty apply to 16-year-olds?
Perfect mom is a nightmare
Not your average library
When is a vegetable not a vegetable?
Protecting Children Online
Pumpkin farms do smash business
The agonizing complications of charity
Hindsight turns German militants into T-shirt icons
Playing on plants' own genetic material to breed-in desirable traits
US Olympics tug of war – East vs. West