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Monitor Archive for January 4, 2002

Russia remains skeptical of paperless disarmament
Business & Finance
Brazil's drug users will get help, instead of jail
Making a spiritually preemptive move
Creative team finds deeper meaning in 'Mind'
Should Uncle Sam pay victim compensation to 9/11 families?
In 2002, sports will go global
E Pluribus Euro
Paris plans bold new home for art on the Seine
A big test of nuclear deterrence
A composer of grand gestures
On screen she beams, but off she likes her anonymity
Compensate all 9/11 families equally
Real people real music
Good flicks missing at the multiplex
Much more than giant stone heads
Getting food to Kabul's masses
Behind his success is talent - and trust
At ground zero, uncertainty over how to pay respects
Buzkashi - an Afghan tradition thrives
Reporters on the Job
US forces tackle riskier tasks in Afghanistan
What's on TV
Holding out hope for India and Pakistan
Lessons learned from son No. 1
Farm subsidies prop up Midwest land values
Movie Guide
Drug traffic off Florida spikes as US turns its focus to terrorism
The writer's paradise, lost
New year, new laws: Watch it with that burger!
Help for survivors of Afghanistan's land mines