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Monitor Archive for January 25, 2002

Top US stars don't shine Down Under
The Allure of Cleopatra
What's on TV
Postal Service tries to rebound from 9/11
TV news moves toward Hollywood star system
Assassination of Lebanese warlord sets fingers pointing
When the tough get shredding
'Teflon economy' near recovery
Business & Finance
Enron and integrity
Indonesia uses military solution to stop separatists
Classic tale blends action, emotions
Dramas probe love, ambition, and jealousy
A passion for acting and improving life
Been there. Read the plaque.
Sharing stories, a world away
'Mind' is a beautiful thing at foreign press awards
A teen star sees positive message in her new film
Enron workers find solidarity in loss
The coolest show in China
Walking a tightrope in the Philippines
Young ballerinas in New York ready for takeoff
Aussies see US double standard
A dinosaur named Sue, and the way science really works
'In the Bedroom' star hears Oscar buzz
Two strangers share one thing in common
Reporters on the Job,,
Hot-water gratitude
Enron's Lessons for 401(k)
Long shot for Afghan peace
Planet Quest
Al Qaeda desperate and on the run
Movie Guide
Time Out for Dinner
Arafat fights for relevance
Indie films find creative ways to make you squirm
Northwest aims to be 'clean energy' leader