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Monitor Archive for September 20, 2001

An Everest of debris to move, piece by piece
If Ahab only knew: cetaceans (whales) descend from hoofed mammals
Business & Finance
New York's big cleanup could be going strong for a year or more
New risks with Mideast cease-fire
Death of literature? Not just yet.
Angels can penetrate sorrow and anger
Americans donate dollars to victims by the bootful
Costliest disaster in US history
A life without participles dangling
TV journalism under attack!
Cities gird for 'bio' attacks
Old wells
Borne by a poet and his barrow
Life under Taliban cuts two ways
Mom's kitchen bowls hold memories, too
Family protection
What's New
Rewrite the book on combating terrorism
The struggle for the soul of Muslim youth
Reporters on the Job
Park proposal stays afloat, an acre at a time
The E in Terrorism
Deftness Where It's Needed
Why it's hard for CIA to fight terrorism
Parents out of e-loop
A more dangerous Afghanistan
Pulling history out of a hat