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Monitor Archive for September 19, 2001

Business & Finance
I learn to see with a camera and a pen
My Muslim friends are not guilty
Fumble-fingered mom reaches for sewing alternative
Cockpit safety emerges as central concern
China's moment of truth on terrorism
Allies hedge over tough US talk
Tale of a jihad soldier
Arafat, Sharon both declare plan to halt violence
Embracing Afghan Refugees
Far from home, kind words help
The failure of American intelligence
Europe cringes at Bush 'crusade' against terrorists
A look inside bin Laden's web of Islamic 'warriors'
Russia gets cold feet over antiterror plans
In crisis, people find community online
For now, security trumps liberties
To New Yorkers, he's Churchill in a baseball cap
Reporters on the Job
The can-do spirit lives on
Real Mexican cuisine - beyond burritos
Parents talk with kids about terrorism
Congress rallies 'round the flag, but division lurks
Grandma's jewels a hit the second time around
Kenya's tourism industry grows 'greener'
Can Motor City become Music City? Does it want to?
Aviation firsts: That's one small step for ewe...
Life with a supersized family
America's Second Front
In Macedonia, religion a weapon
Waiting to serve, serving by waiting
China worries about US troops in Pakistan
Pakistan braces for refugees
Terrorists aided by a leaky US-Canada line