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Monitor Archive for August 3, 2001

Business & Finance
High-tech hunters scour US for buried 'treasure'
Coppola's 'Apocalypse' still relevant now
Mixed messages on math, as 12th-graders falter
Don't let yourself think 'old'
Some stars fade, but US track shines
Dean 'seduced everybody,' director says
The reality of it is, reality TV is here to stay
Bush's bind on stem-cell research
N. Ireland's Choice
'Princess' is royal flush of humor
Single mom, setting sail
'Mo' Tenors' mixes music styles
A week of surprising Bush wins
Kursk recovery may salvage Russian shipyard, too
A turnaround specialist for a battered FBI
Reality runs rampant
Reporters on the Job
Bearing witness to decades of strife
CNN makes reporters part of the show
Serb general to serve 46 years for war crimes
TV trails artists as explorers of 'real'
A veteran actress opens 'Eyes'
What's on TV
Middle ground: a no man's land in Mideast
A fair lady comes full circle in Disney film
Happily at the end of our leash
First Amendment Comes First
In Florida, more close encounters of the toothy kind
Playful exhibits use games as their inspiration
Peter Rabbit's uncomfortable new coat
Movie Guide
Water dispute in an arid region
South Africa's deep-rooted problem: unwelcome trees
A good minister learns to be 'wikid'