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Monitor Archive for August 16, 2001

Skyless astronomy
So much depends/ upon/ the yellow dog/ glazed with poetry
New borders for the old world
Light from the first stars launches a new astronomy
Asian anger still simmers over Japanese history views
Business & Finance
Who's on first?
Free paper's fresh take has locals almost willing to pay
Bush stem-cell decision may be first of many
New for China's courts: trained judges, standard rules
'Them' and 'us'
Rebels yelling again as 'metal' returns
A philosophy beyond the limits of rationality
Bush relearns lessons of Mideast
A hair-raising, hair-razing experience
Transylvanian town sees gold in Dracula Land
A Tanka
Colombian guerrillas get training
College-bound kids empty our nest
New plan: Prevent more forest fires
Twinkle, twinkle, little ... street light
Does this dress make me look fat?
Arafat's tragic end and new beginnings
What's New
Reporters on the Job
Suburban sprawl spurs fights over sacred Indian sites
The fungus among us
Whatever happened to Imelda Marcos?
Napster legacy dampens recording industry clout
Values, Depoliticized
The Milk-Price Fence
Macedonia's perception gap