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Monitor Archive for August 14, 2001

Growing anger over Japanese war memorial visit
Photo quiz: A day at the beach
Why polls for George W. are up
Try this nickname game
Business & Finance
Another gadget for students
What's New
Oneida teens unearth layers of their history
Scholars unearth new field: white studies
Don't Give Up on Peace
A perfect place for you
Let the US speak to the Chinese
Under fire, Taliban hardens line
US grand plan proves hard sell
No grocery, $5 haircuts - and the Bush ranch
Reporters on the Job
A suicide bomber's world
Vacancies, more deals for tourists
Support grows for immigration, but reservations linger
Take a packing tip from some seasoned dorm-dwellers
Putting the primer coat on an entrepreneurial career
Web Smarts
It's Candid Budget Time
The hard work of getting along