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Monitor Archive for July 12, 2001

In South Africa, poverty tinged with a new color
Toronto sprints hard to win 2008 Games
Our patio-furniture tax cut
Trench TV on the BBC
About-Face for Drug Users
El Nino's newly discovered cousin
Alaska to cruise ships: We're not your sewer
News In Brief
Moving on, with a song
News In Brief
Bush moves to reduce drug costs for seniors
Reporters on the Job
What's New
Bush tilts to friendlier tone on immigrants
China burns for Olympic flame
The Shah's 'donkey tail' rides in on wave of reform
Tolkien buzz moves books
Time to restore trust in our campaign system
Good help is so hard to find nowadays
Send in the clouds
News In Brief
Sharon's campaign of perception
Launching a dream and a life
Rise of 'hillbilly heroin' creates alarm in East
Schumann's discordant strains
Unlikely alliance threatens campaign-finance reform
Listening to anarchy
China's Bid for the Gold
Monitor Quiz
Coastal impact fund helps restore marine habitats
Confessions of a reformed pouter
News In Brief
The other competition
HEADLINE for 17 points