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Monitor Archive for June 21, 2001

Is a park a playground or preserve?
When a brother murders, what does a brother do?
Will Japan's sun rise with Koizumi?
As Virginia Goes...?
Can governor win California power play?
Demographics drive the Latino media story
News In Brief
Uncle Harold gets his dream house, after all
News In Brief
Shifting tactics on tobacco
Reporters on the Job
US drivers want better mileage when they fill up
Defining 'Hispanic' and 'Latino'
EU is blocking major US merger
An Aussie shift on gambling
As North Atlantic current slows, concern rises
Build US security on goodwill, not bombs
The fall and rise of 20th-century investing
Don't kill for me
News In Brief
Some breathing room for Beirut
Uninvited reenactors win this Civil War skirmish
The new neighborhood watch, Soviet style
A voyage to the top of the world for tons of worthless rock
Science vs. Indian tradition in 'Kennewick Man' case
Making the world safe from truth
Broadband Broadsided
Chicken soup of sympathy
News In Brief
Ocean drift
My, what nice teeth you have