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Monitor Archive for June 13, 2001

In the land of vodka, a boom in alcohol-free beer
News In Brief
News In Brief
Young, rural residents saying 'Bye'
News In Brief
Colombian cocaine runs through it
Stuck under a glass ceiling, I learned to shift for myself
Immigrant healthcare: Must states cover cost?
Numbers of single dads growing
Where they love to lick their fingers
Today's Cartoon
Youth Day in South Africa
Between the Koreas, a year of frustration
Irish vote sends a wake-up to Europe
How gender affects citizenship of children
Ah, the season of vacations
Why Bush abroad is like Clinton
We open a box and unloose a dream
News In Brief
Ferrets no longer forbidden?
Peace, on women's terms
Camp is still champ
Don't like your daughter's choice of college? Take a trip there.
Reporters on the Job
Confronting my racial self
After 20 years of marriage
Philippine rebel challenge to US
News In Brief
A Flexible Church-State Wall
How to make a smooth transition from home to camp
Rural America's clout in Congress eroding fast
A trio of tricks for dads - and moms - to try
More children going straight from playpen to front lines
It's time to let all your plants go to pot
'And so to bed' - finding time to snooze
The Greening of a Bush
Fiddling while Zimbabwe burns
The magic bond between fathers and their kids
Bush's chief of staff, a White House veteran, offers a few inside glimpses
Words of Note