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Monitor Archive for May 4, 2001

Low-budget Twins baffle baseball's prophets
PBS faces up to the competition
The San Diego Chicken goes to Washington
News In Brief
Classical music that pops
News In Brief
News In Brief
Score board
Weighing Bush's strategic vision
We stop the show with our vaudeville act
Peace - and a promise for tolerance - at Penn State
Movie Guide
'Producers' bowls over Broadway
'Mummy' breaks FX barriers
To the graduating class
Argentina dances on the edge
Reporters on the Job
Now the hard part: living within budget
Two very different 'family' movies
Doing More Than Time
How the South outgrew the Klan
The chivalry of bowling night
News In Brief
Machu Picchu's slide
'Mummy Returns': a sock-it-to-'em spectacle
What's on TV
Good men in a dirty war
Now you know
Bigfoot Berlin steps on European toes
Pink-slipped Indian workers give up life in US
Not Another Florida, Please
Pulitzer winner breaks boundaries
50 reasons gasoline isn't cheaper
Bush and Fox: geopolitical version of the two amigos
A&E's 'Biography' adds to its 900 profiles
Islamic culture at 300 years per hour
Wisdom at the Water's Edge
Alice Randall, you go girl!