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Monitor Archive for April 13, 2001

Runaway success in Kenya, land of the fleet elite
Next stop Broadway?
News In Brief
Cleopatra: getting the full figure
News In Brief
News In Brief
Women stars have league of their own
Hay inspectors, hog reeves, and other essential jobs
'Can I claim my cat as a dependent?'
Monitor Movie Guide
'Stro' is once again at center stage
Easter's promise
The man behind the budget
Reporters on the Job
Spy-plane incident gives boost to Powell
Surprise: more nuclear families
I learned to smile through the panes
News In Brief
Sikhs set example for getting along with the Taliban
Hollywood peeks at the spiritual
What's on TV
Why the news on China caught me off guard
Portuguese singer carries a torch for fado melodies
Next crisis for Britain: tourism
News In Brief
There's more to Kenya than hungry lions
Bush at the Controls
A Texas actress turns into British Bridget
Crew returns, and a town rejoices
Drilling in Rockies sharpens split over wilderness vs. oil
A new swat at the 'Battle of the Sexes'
Score Board
Artist's shimmering painted films shed light
All-American actor is no longer the 'Baby' of musical theater
Tweaking a Superpower
Lessons from the China standoff