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Monitor Archive for April 12, 2001

Beyond 'Bridget,' a fuller view of single women
WHAT'S being read around the world International Bestsellers
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
A reluctant reader sets sail for literature's far shores
College grads face fewer platinum job offers
It could get hotter in Japan thanks to Three Gorges Dam
Living without a safety net
Out of the wilderness
US 'sorry' heard in Beijing as an apology
Reporters on the Job
Defense priority No. 1: military readiness
Cooler breezes
As China rises, more flashpoints
The man who keeps coming to dinner
From across the pond: A magazine that covers everything
Indonesia's president-in-waiting keeps them guessing
Online all the time
Help Yugoslavia heal
One person, one vote?
Intifada slides toward war
Parade conflict: Berlin may lose that lovin' feelin'
No More Finger-Pointing
Louise Erdrich finds more miracles
The next civil right: success in math
A prerogative of tears: Alan Shapiro's new poems
Americans still see China as 'competitor,' not foe
Possible presidential ouster stirs cauldron in Indonesia
Vermeer: A life that was anything but still
From radio waves to river waves
China's Miscue on US Resolve
The accidental tax cut
Religion as a force for peace