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Monitor Archive for March 13, 2001

Malaysia's strike on freedoms
Ugandans choose next leader
Protecting Property Rights
College at 7, and a crusade against age restrictions
Time gets harder for school shooters
Law firms find new ways to help needy, for free
Empowering kids to keep the peace
A closer look at girls' interest in science
Spilling the Truth
Tip O'Neill, sticking up for the little guy
Being Samoan, through a child's lens
Brazil dances to controversial beat of the slums
Would you please not repeat that?
Finding Jerry in all the wrong places
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
A tale of how two cities have dealt with growth
Backlash grows against term limits
Will Summers lead Harvard in a bold new direction?
This year, college grads can't just waltz into a job
To stop bullying, involve the whole school
The competitive spirit
Japan's frustrated young pols
Today's story line
Should US fund embryonic-cell research?
Urge them to tell, but be reasonable
Bush probes radical warhead cut
The secret of the Internet
News In Brief
What's New
Mexico struggles with shortages on the homefront
When special education discriminates
Support the Athens Olympics