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Monitor Archive for December 19, 2001

The search for identity
What the Koran says about women
N.Y.C.'s answer to Pavarotti: a singing cop
A new refrain - 'We won't be home for Christmas'
India, Pakistan square off over Parliament shooting
Muhammad's instructions liberated women of the day
Voices from behind the veil
Pakistan's risky Al Qaeda dragnet
The search for common ground
Bring back USIA, and let America tell its story
At Malden Mills, one good turn deserves another
Reporters on the job
Divorced families come together for the holidays
The hunt for bin Laden widens
Oysters in the spotlight
'Rings' on screen is big, ambitious, and not so magic
New traditions replace the old
NBC Puts Dollars Before Sense
Native Americans and Trust
Why state executions are dropping
A mother discovers the fine art of goading a college applicant
Why fantasy 'Rings' true
Christmas stories worth sharing
Awards hint at Oscar nods
After Enron, calls grow for pension-law fixes
Landmark farm bill goes 'green'
Russian runaways find few willing to help them
Business & Finance
Turning back the Afghan clock