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Monitor Archive for November 27, 2001

Business & Finance
Mark McGwire, don't hang up your cleats!
Why world image matters to Arab regimes
Effort to clone humans amplifies talk of a ban
Cloning's Embryonic Ethics
New York hotels are suddenly more affordable
Inventing an alphabet, real or pretend
College campuses are a hotbed of ... pro-war fervor?
Afghan women at the peace table
A 'gender effect' in college learning?
Afghans wary of warlord rule
Tales from disappointed jihadis, itching for a fight
Does reading grades aloud invade privacy?
Coalition members weigh strengths in US-led effort
Reporters on the job
Pangs of newfound puppy love hit South Korea
Visit the birthplace of 'The Lord of the Rings'
The US begins an endgame
Thinking small
Follow the money
The Meaning of the Marines
Helping States Reform Voting
At Life Academy, a better kind of peer pressure
Want top students? Take a cue from sports recruiters.
A new tradition for an old city
The question now: When will the recession end?