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Monitor Archive for October 19, 2001

Business & Finance
Jack the Ripper yarn only scratches surface
Uncle Sam and I strike it big
Producer recounts a golden age in Hollywood
Freedom from haunting images and post-traumatic stress
In anthrax probe, microbial clues
He sees pro bowling as back on a roll
Israel demands 'immediate' extradition of Zeevi killers
The Space Infrared Telescope Facility: Time for a new name
Broadening the Bounty
Animated 'Waking Life' is a dreamy philosophy class
Tough trail of terror's money
Television, tool for terror
British period pieces offer fresh takes on love
Is the Internet now our most serious communications medium?
The luster of 'Pearls' is focus of new exhibition
US goals 'foggy' to some would-be Afghan allies
Afghan fighters put survival over loyalty
Turks question role as Muslim go-between for US
Slump will test a more porous safety net
Art movement
Score Board
'Focus,' a timely tale of prejudice
Reporters on the Job
Time ticks on US-led campaign
Final word
A Net Art Idea Line
A proposed ban on bad jokes
On Hill, lawmakers fight fear with ... a steam iron?
What's on TV
Actor turns new page as the family man
Flying in a New Formation
Dual goals for APEC summit
Watch out for America's own extremists
Lifted toward a shared future
Movie Guide
The frisky business of flight
Weighing war in Afghanistan on a moral scale