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Monitor Archive for October 16, 2001

In wake of tragedy, scam artists move in
A Spanish Civil War vet reflects on fighting and sacrifice
Pakistani Christians a barometer of extremism
Business & Finance
Lawsuits tee off against male golf clubs
Web Smarts
The rush to rewrite history
At future airports, scans proliferate
Flood of refugees fails to materialize on Iran's border
Powell oils frontline coalition to bolster unity
There's a new serif in town
Enlarging patriotism
Public feels urge to act - but how?
In Prague, a symbol of America comes under threat
New worry: kids with both parents in combat
What's New
Two steps back = one step forward
States draft themselves to fight terrorism
Reporters on the job
Educating China's poorest children
A professor explores the idea of sacrifice
Can ID Cards Spot Terrorists?
Re-Emphasizing Special Ed
Unseemly conduct and goodly sums
Afghanistan's biggest problem - poverty - can be solved
Israeli media shifts to the right
Mansfield and Herblock: two American giants
Man of letters