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Monitor Archive for October 15, 2001

Quietly, animal cloning speeds onward
Business & Finance
To many Pashtuns, bin Laden is a Muslim brother
Money markets find fans at 30
Reassurance and vision
Keeping Track: real estate activity
Stepping out of our 'fast food' travel culture
More companies help workers buy homes
The Spread of Dread
Minorities found less likely to gain mortgage approval than whites
Dow drops and comebacks in perspective
Investing a nest egg from the sale of a home
Pakistani leader walks fine line in US antiterror effort
Pakistan at the brink
US weighs rebuilding a nation
Alliance delays move on Kabul
Race to display financial clout rolls on
Arab TV network plays key, disputed role in Afghan war
The nitty-gritty job of rooting out terrorists
More coverage with that?
States hit by budget shortfalls, new needs
Hard to detect pattern in anthrax-letter cases
Behind stimulus plan: economic and political gains
Spending drop may not rattle all retailers
Israeli legislators bridle at fresh US plans for peace in the Middle East
Reporters on the job
Knowing when to protect your tech
Red-haired girl runs top drive through
Wide FBI dragnet turns up leads, but also criticism
Untitled haiku
Muslim leaders in US meet to discuss political future
Point of view
Long-distance dialers: hang up on new fees
Burning question: Are Russian troops fighting in Afghanistan?
Taxpapers as Last Insurers
UN Gets Its Due (and Dues)
Baseball connects with two cultures
Summer's late, lingering music
Why utility bills are expected to cool off this winter