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Monitor Archive for October 12, 2001

Daily Update
Business & Finance
Lynch's twisty map to 'Mulholland Drive'
Grampy's sales pitch creates quite a buzz
Q&A: Afghanistan's humanitarian crisis
Glennie creates fresh vibes
The rapture revisited
Sun shines bright on Florida football
Saudi clerics issue edicts against helping 'infidels'
Bush, the reluctant nation-builder
All the King's Men
Intelligent pictures, minus huge budgets and stars
Common threads
What's on TV
Attacks curtail the era of the 'road warrior'
Teen actress balances film and college
Why Egypt produces extremists
Will Hollywood get religion?
A race that could revive California's GOP
News lockdown tighter than in previous wars
One nation, one faith, two takes on Islam
TV puts death penalty on trial
Score Board
Reporters on the Job
US pushes Southeast Asian states on Islamic radicals
Why we still love Lucy - 50 years later
Taliban's foes await more help
US risks losing coalition if it expands war targets
A Boke of Gode Cookery
Americans stay a step ahead
Cracks are now showing in Congress's unified surface
When the Pen Is the Sword
Our winning one-on-ones
Movie Guide
Divided loyalties in Palestine
More to realism than meets the eye