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Monitor Archive for October 11, 2001

The deadly art of portraits
Light-bending gravity helps astronomers 'see' dark matter
Afghans question own culture of hospitality
'A time of war, and a time of peace'
History, and review, in black and white
Refugees find little comfort in Pakistan
The New Normal
Suddenly, 'reality' TV is too ... real
Reporters on the job
Taliban bids for ex-mujahideen leaders
The US must help Afghan 'nation-building'
Both sides of the teacher's desk
Mushrooms may slow global warming
Why authors reach out on the Web
Women who shelter each other
Moral imagination and warfare
Prospect nears of US troops on ground
Islamic states caught in crossfire
Catering to New Sensitivities
Closing the Safety Gap
Airports, Federally Secured
In N.Y.C.'s 'war zone,' slow progress
A proud American moment
Whatever happened to Michael Dukakis
Doc's new horseshoe is a real stretch
Congress makes it easier to snoop
Morality and War
Daily Update
Portugal shifts aim in drug war
Business & Finance
A whole new wave of cellphone communication
Xenophobia follows US terror
Love in the face of aggression
Small-plane pilots feel unfairly targeted after Sept. 11
Notice any d... elays in e-mail?