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Monitor Archive for January 9, 2001

Titillation Island: Show promises real-life infidelity
Teens stake a claim on their DNA - and the lessons stick
His Colt .38 Special
Does it pay for police officers to moonlight?
Interested in writing for us?
Readers write
Hunter-Gault recalls first steps onto white campus
'Jazz' Hits a Timely Note
Web smarts
University of Georgia reflects on its desegregation legacy
News In Brief
Make a shadow theater and a puppet of your own
News In Brief
Cars as rolling offices, with a laptop on dash
Today's Story Line:
What's new
Split statehouses rival Washington drama
The Final Word.
Aftershocks from anti-tank shells
Philippines rewrites US impeachment script
The sun never sets on British schools
The Clintons keep their eyes on the prize
One mold charters can't break
News In Brief
Russia to revise crime, penalty
Taliban to execute converts from Islam
The power of puppets
The Bush team brings very corporate values
Before the verdict, should a jury know all the options?
Engineering whiz improves virtual-reality glove
A Bullet Gone Too Far?
How much teachers earn worldwide
A special Christmas gift
News In Brief
Charlotte spins her web again - as a puppet
Drawing some math conclusions