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Monitor Archive for January 3, 2001

Bilingual education works in Europe
Congress convenes at crossroads
A man for all presidents
News In Brief
The importance of getting goofy with your kids
Pakistan's step toward democracy under military rule
Sharing a life by design
Bush's choice
Spirited words
Macho militaries flex muscles
Calendar art and Mexico's national identity
How Kids Crunch Numbers
A new technology that cuts heating and cooling costs
Putin after a year at the helm
A newsman tips his 10-gallon hat to the Lone Star State
Marriage - what's new,what stays the same
Dear Diary - the new interactive journals
Make Full Use of the Census
Life without NATO
A first look inside ring of terrorists
News In Brief
News In Brief
Trends in home furnishings
News In Brief
Eat a slice of pizza, help save the environment
She likes chintz curtains, he wants a leather sofa
There's more to sushi than California rolls
A gentler life
Coming soon to city near you: a farm
Today's Story Line
Behind population gains: immigrant influx
The family reading circle