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Monitor Archive for January 19, 2001

Ads you can't subtract
News In Brief
Cast away in TV press tour
News In Brief
News In Brief
Life after NFL: Ex-players go back to school
A few close shaves,at home and abroad
Ashcroft's lightning-rod role may stick
Movie guide
Star actor pledges he won't be retiring anytime soon
Running free
In Russia, what's not a 'secret'?
Today's Story Line
'Must reads' from the past
'The president called to say goodbye, again'
Events celebrating Verdi
How California lost its power
A catalog sends me back
News In Brief
Snub may be costly for Yugoslavia's new president
Viva Verdi! 100 years later
What's on TV
On inauguration day, a growing sense of political purpose
Centuries of sales by mail
Aceh civilians caught in middle
It's Scottish judges' turn now in Pan Am 103 case
Furling the South's Past
Actress likens 'Hedda' to a female Hamlet
Bush's task: Heal the nation in 12 minutes
PBS offers fanfare for Copland
Clinton saw discretion as better part of policy
Pioneers of minimalist music expand their horizons
California Dreamin'
Russia and the US, cooling off
Motorola, Saab guest star in shows