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Monitor Archive for January 10, 2001

New grasp of galaxies: varied - and violent
Homemade bagels: You'd think making the holes would be easy
Rumblings from Taiwan
High court hands blow to wetlands
News In Brief
The last-minute liberal
News In Brief
Trends in naming babies
News In Brief
Public Look at Private Pews
The coolest teacher ever
America sees moral shortfall, looks to faith
Top baby names of 2000
Bagels take a dip, but keep on rolling along
'Wait time' and wisdom
With Chavez, Bush faces first political test
Today's Story Line:
A more checkered picture of US crime
Faulty parental logic
Mixed outlook on merger mania
Her lessons shape me still
News In Brief
Web smarts
12 years later, Lockerbie trial nears a close
Sprawled out
Two garden books to cultivate - or weed
The 'comeback kids' - - not just in politics
With nod to Europe, Canada tightens data privacy
In China - bonding gone bad?
When it comes to homes, what's old is new again
National boundaries: latest frontier in cyberspace
New video consoles not just for kids
How civic design went astray
Kaliningrad: model of cooperation with EU?
The Sex-Ed Debate
Shiitakes: Are they easier to grow than to spell?
Playing the name game can become confusing