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Monitor Archive for September 26, 2000

True Olympic trials: meeting expectations
Catching up with women's history
Drugs overshadow Jones's quest
West senses its moment to oust Milosevic
Art for art's sake - not math's
Web Smarts
A monumental fight over World War II
New collections to focus on women
News In Brief
The surprise that lurks inside a PT Cruiser
News In Brief
Teacher hunt gets aggressive
Today's Story Line
Libraries and bookstores take a stand against censorship
N.Y. soft money ban lifts Lazio's election prospects
Who is the press trying to elect?
Yugoslav leader in a tight corner
Taliban asks: What does it take to join the UN club?
Summer 2000 Olympics Viewing Guide
Global firms need codes, not lawsuits
News In Brief
Women crucial in drought battle
Spain: all action, no talk, against Basque unrest
Helping Police Stay Lawful
A car is born
Canada's biker war tests free assembly
Teaching my Picasso to write
At labs, tighter security poses security threat
Moving beyond good intentions in schools
What's New
More than just schmoozing
News In Brief
Global Trustbusters
Soft leads, tough calls
A novel field trip helps kids buy books