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Monitor Archive for September 20, 2000

Relationships are brewing at New York's Drip cafe
Summer Games ratings go 'down under'
High school reunion, Part 2
A novel form of dating
Southwest's missions struggle to fend off art thieves
News In Brief
Regis and I just seem to 'click'
Today's cartoon
News In Brief
Will Danes create a euro schism?
Today's Story Line
An unlikely revolutionary puts trees first
Oil imports: habit US hasn't kicked
Viewing Guide
With love from the White House
Big labor's surprising comeback
Strikes by Philippines leader win resounding support
Car owners test a day without wheels
An immigrant underdog's 'amazing ride'
Restoring the Olympics' glory
News In Brief
Why Kenya's clergy got political
Traces of the Queen of Sheba under antiquity's dust
Holstering the Gun Sellers
Standing firm
South Africa's quest to develop its 'brand'
Lessons from my eldest 'pancake'
Drug use drops among teens in Texas and California
These blues you don't chase away
Why local conflict becomes Indonesia's national war
Words Of Note
Even Superman needs God (e-mail to my grandson)
News In Brief
We see our home as others might
College Money That Affirms
Ready for a candidate food fight?
Shoes with more bounce for the buck