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Monitor Archive for September 19, 2000

Aboriginal star rises above Aussie history
Latvia's language tremors
Baseball: not for smaller cities anymore?
News In Brief
A matter of public faith in politics
News In Brief
Women rise to the top
News In Brief
In Lima, a New Road Map
More women are climbing to the top of the ivory tower
Small Centre College gets big lesson hosting vice-presidential debate
Building a creative culture
Olympics 2000 Notebook
Emu finds the arms of a tree
Paging Captain Hook
Today's Story Line
Hopes rise that interest rates will retreat
Getting to learn all about you
Paddling for gold
Bush and the momentum game
Focus on the Olympics
News In Brief
What's New
South, North Korea break ground for 'Iron Silk Road'.
Low performer becomes a star
Fujimori calls on allies during crisis
In his own words
S. Africa tribal chiefs assert power
Call to picket finds new ring in Britain's fuel crisis
Summer Olympics 2000 Viewing Guide
New check on Latin leaders
Why GOP is shifting from tax cuts to reducing debt
Fencing gives a new thrust to kids' lives
The UN needs a broader definition of 'refugee'
After disasters, life returns to the Tisza
The Right Note on Campus
Herculean task: ridding Games of drugs
Welcome to college. Now take a hike.