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Monitor Archive for September 1, 2000

Lobster half gainer
Readin', writin', and TV
In America, love of labor isn't lost
TV and reading? Yes!
News In Brief
Time to hang our hopes on fall flicks
News In Brief
News In Brief
Fans want the maraschino cherry atop the sundae
Why UN can't keep peace
My gift to Colby College drives them quackers
Cyclists soon will pedal from Florida to Maine
The Monitor Movie Guide
Princess Grace Awards seek out young talent
The man behind others' hits makes an album all his own
Today's cartoon
A psalm of summer
Why line is fading between politics and piety
Today's Story Line
Words of Note
OK couch potatoes, time for Al and George
'Titanic Town' (no Leo, no boat) kicks off film series
A creative boost for minority students
Gas taxes under global attack
The new birds on the block
News In Brief
Israelis debate the definition of a 'true' Jewish state
Montreal spotlights edgy, adventurous fare
Wage political war not holy war
$40,000, 12 days, and then 'Smiling'
One size doesn't fit all
Tokyo readies for 'the big one'
News In Brief
Human rights: a casualty of Colombia's drug war
What's on Trial in Peru
What does it mean to 'feel like an Australian'?
Russia's schools struggle to find a fresh slate
A win-win approach
Massive jellyfish wreak havoc in Gulf
'Newsweekly' shepherds religion onto TV
Olympics notebook 2000
Chantal grows from prodigy to chanteuse
What's On TV
Clicks vs. Bricks in Higher Ed
The mother of all unnamed sources