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Monitor Archive for August 2, 2000

As British inch toward meters, some feet drag
This car breaks for lemonade
Strawberry Lemonade
Nebraska's farmers pushed to brink
News In Brief
News In Brief
Lawn care during the dog days of summer
News In Brief
Kayak polo makes a big splash
Heart speaks to heart across a cultural divide
How to entertain kids on a car trip? Reach for Rubberneckers
Boxed mixes give a boost to cake baking
Today's cartoon
Father's help, even there
Fresh Orange Cake
'Drum thumps' from the stump
Today's Story Line
Both parties scramble to 'define' Dick Cheney
Selective spousal hearing
A gilded age that touches all
A supporting cast in the spotlight
On being there, then and now
News In Brief
Web Smarts
A model of stability, Uganda debates 'no-party democracy'
State of the spokes
Teaching dollars and sense
Brief chronology of the metric system
Fear and loathing in the 'stans'
Darn Good Chocolate Cake
Serb vote holds hope for change
Economic policy keeps Museveni in West's favor
The Search for What Works
Wanted - a bill of rights for air travelers
Putin tries big shift in military strategy
Hannah settles into her into her newlife
Gender-bending glitter is gold for my son
Defining 'Compassionate'
And the veep war begins
Convention notebook
Getting past 'the Schwinn mentality'