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Monitor Archive for August 18, 2000

Edison's first 37,000 recordings
David Crosby traces social activism through rock 'n' roll
Punishing War Criminals
The pitfall for Jews in Lieberman candidacy
Dawn watch
Unctuous, but at least they need us
Where politics are practically everything
Selfless in Seattle
Laws trim teen crash rates
News In Brief
Peripatetic Ling spreads his wings
News In Brief
News In Brief
Has coach Paterno gone soft? No, he's playing fair
And now for the fun
We contemplate the mystery of raspberries
The Monitor Movie Guide
Showing off merengue moves
Today's cartoon
Always daytime
Gore's path strewn with high hurdles
Today's Story Line
Who's tuning in to L.A.
'Ramblin' Jack' hits the right notes
Women's first choice is responsiblity
Sunken sub and the 'new' Russia
Strangers and rivals are bound into brothers
News In Brief
Summer in the city is no pique-nique
'Steal' trivializes activist's political beliefs
What's On TV
Clinton and the backseat
High hopes for Chiapas elections
Britain squares off over human-embryo research
The Itinerant Conventioneer
Prefab Conventions
'Cool' series shines light on heroines
US children near records for well-being
Highs in 'High Noon' remake
Internet gives Russians voice
Olympics 2000