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Monitor Archive for August 15, 2000

A 'Hollow' Defense Debate?
It's bird, it's a plane
'Get Smart' shoe phone now a CIA secret
Student invasion
Whats New
India's moral dilemma over evicting poor
L.A. then and now
No dorms and no football, but plenty of students
Political violence in run-up to Kosovo vote
Mammoth dishes herald cosmic discovery
News In Brief
Will the Left Coast glitter help?
News In Brief
A shooting primer
News In Brief
Teens Making Good Choices
When melody conveys more than words
'I visualize myself on top of the podium'
A native American meets prep-school life
The gift that parents give
Parties bask in reflected glamour
Today's Story Line
The US presidency is a big deal
After the other conventions, Gore works third-party math
No more 'big men on campus'?
Gore's task: keep left wing loyal
Living fossils
News In Brief
Somalia: the little Olympic team that could
Click 'n learn
It takes a village, and a checklist
Russian prestige sinks with sub
Easing racism with Uruguay's answer to Brazilian samba
The Itinerant Conventioneer
Summer students find the world at their doorstep
Why the number of teen mothers is falling
Bringing holograms and laser light shows to science class
A focus on 'assets' to help students prosper
Today's cartoon