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Monitor Archive for August 10, 2000

Voters like faith - but not theology
The Monitor Guide to The Bestsellers
One woman tackles 'honor' crimes in Jordan
Young Adults: Angus, thongs and full-frontal snogging
News In Brief
Laws of the land
News In Brief
Field Notes
News In Brief
Two homes, two families, two wives
The big game in the backyard
Lawmakers play catch-up to genetic science
Science takes a cruise through the Gulf Stream
Dignity in the face of tragedy
The straight talk from mission control
Today's cartoon
On global warming
Today's Story Line
Our hardboiled hack hunts the L.A. story
'Global justice' may rewrite US law books
Wisdom's conceit
Inmates battle the blazes in California
As overtime builds, workers balk
A hair-raising, hair-lowering history
News In Brief
No, it's not the Hal 9000, it's a car radio
Mexico's most eligible bachelor: the next president
The little search engines that can't
What's New
Have our young athletes gone soft?
A plunge into the still, cold lake of self
Grading Germany's 'green card'
War-torn Sierra Leone gets help from the West
A Natural Flame?
Aftermath of Russia bombing
A race to save pieces of the route that saved slaves
Stargazers keep spotting new planets in the stellar haze
A perfect storm in the human heart
Electric Re-regulation?
Electoral college myth
Seminarians seek labor justice
Author Richard Bach