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Monitor Archive for July 7, 2000

Behind the curtain of TV voyeurism
Selling Soaps
News In Brief
Seriously into soaps
News In Brief
Cascading relief
News In Brief
Replacing a legend routinely deflates
Getting real, Russian-style
A royal surprise from Elizabeth R
New turn in debate over judges for life
The Monitor Movie Guide
Energetic hoofers got that 'Swing!'
Magnate's Picasso buy heightens museum ethics debate
Lessons from a John Kennedy rose
A radio lifeline in Colombia
Today's Story Line
Words of Note
For Mideast, summit is the lesser gamble
No kidding - season's best laughs found in 'The Kid'
New energy sources are needed soon
The end of a defense doctrine
Maine's literature of 'swap or sell'
News In Brief
China answers critics with a book of nuke Web sites
French film master charms 'Time and Again'
Protestant drums: A harsh echo in memory
Sterling album mixes rhythms of Africa and America
A cord, a plant, a wall
In the vanguard of a new EU
Kebabs and sherbet: a recipe for peace in divided Cyprus
Same Tests for Voc-Ed
Sting jazzes up US tour with all-star band
Iran tries peaceful revolution
'Every day is new'
Abortion edges back toward center stage in election
Walter Matthau, a class act remembered
G-8 puts spotlight on hidden money trade
Olympics Notebook 2000
Movie titles - more than just setting type, it's an art form
Fine TV time found in UK drama, mystery
A United States of Europe?
Key to leaks: Why now? Who benefits?