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Monitor Archive for July 31, 2000

News In Brief
My childhood dream is up in the air
Bush as the New Republican
Federal privacy law needs immediate update
'License-plate game' takes a back seat to on-board video
A quiet start to Philly protests
School-voucher debate heads to the polls
The New Face of Philanthropy
Biotech research plows untrodden frontiers
A nation's personal-finance habits
Young, loaded, and eager to share
Growing a new demographic among givers
The tax implications of having two homes
Bush puts on his Reagan mask to woo party faithful
News In Brief
Just hanging out with the laundry
Today's cartoon
News In Brief
Today's Story Line
A whodunit with gray eminences - and red faces
Selling a house? Little things count
Napster's clones won't end until prices drop
As long ads, conventions work
Where help is felt most
In riot aftermath, Peru braces for tough tactics
One woman's search for her stolen identity
News In Brief
Chilly wind blows against Arafat
Concerns in Canada as nuclear energy loses steam
Faith-Based or Faith-Biased?
Porter's perfect summer portrait
New rover to look for signs of water on Mars
Prepare to pay a lot for the tunes you want
Conventional Notebook
Why money supply deserves more Fed attention
Benefactor becomes a messenger for change
Market Monitor
Words of Note
Keeping Track: Auto insurance
Stop the critique