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Monitor Archive for July 28, 2000

A charming extremist defies moderate India
Drawing power
Watching Greenspan watch the US economic data
Americans want to have tax cut and spend it, too
News In Brief
Compact discs for sale
News In Brief
News In Brief
Tiger is so good ... he's boring us to tears
Dirty diamonds
Tall ships that aren't and really tall ships that were
Why record labels still squirm
The Monitor Movie Guide
'House Divided' breaks down realities of race
A slice of Aboriginal culture
Today's cartoon
In response to accidents
Their hearts throb over ... politics?
Today's Story Line
'Nutty Professor II' nixes nutty for crude
Civilization is like character: It can't be bought
GOP's message: Niceness wins
The democracy of strawberries
News In Brief
Howard Stern hijinks hit land of tea and crumpets
Car-seat conversations inspire Iranian director
Jerusalem, the uncompromisable
Summer sweets
Wealthier Venezuelans jump ship
South Koreans divided over coziness with the North
Driving by Example
What a wonderful world Armstrong made
New racial climate in suburban South
The high school video diaries
Sports 101
Olympic Arts Festival - as ancient as Games
Law and the Wild, Wild Web
Chariots of fire? Point me to recliner
Army grabs a hose to help fight West's fires
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