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Monitor Archive for July 21, 2000

Mortal Kombat - if mom's there
Art in motion
News In Brief
TV widens its color spectrum - a bit
News In Brief
News In Brief
Who cares about golf? Where are the celebs?
The loon and the landing strip
Clean air. Clean water. Now, clean caves?
The Monitor Movie Guide
Is 437 hours too much Games? It depends
Today's cartoon
Luck is not enough
Today's Story Line
Caring for sick, prisoners learn compassion
Gore visits Texas for bookkeeping brawl
Uncut wild forests benefit local economies
Can peace be done in pieces?
Knit one, dream two
News In Brief
China's nuclear-power program loses steam
What's On TV
I'm not fueling, or am I?
Sydney will be first 'Internet Olympics'
Word origins in black and white
Okinawans clamor for quiet
Tigermania arrives at Scotland's Old Course
Kamikaze Tax-Cut Votes
Cable's minority lineup one-ups the networks
Jerusalem: Why it's hard to split
Famed actress helps a little theater that has big ideas
How to decide who should be in debates
Anne of Green Gables marches off to war
Ecoterrorism as negotiating tactic
Olypics Notebook 2000
An actress explores 'what lies beneath'
'House': moral awakening
A Gambling E-Nation?
The special-interest pendulum swings
New opera is walloping theatrical experience