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Monitor Archive for July 18, 2000

US weighs different tactic for ousting Milosevic
Faculty families find a new home - in a campus dorm
News In Brief
News In Brief
The world as their classroom
News In Brief
Sydney Olympics: It's big, 'green,' and ready
Gore's struggle: to be different, yet the same
Web Smarts
Course adds branches to the 'giving' tree
What's your net worth?
Today's Story Line
Romeo, Juliet back in Tehran. But no kisses
Supreme Court could get on its own case
Don't shut that book
Today's cartoon
Record delays clog crowded skies
Urban Cowboys
News In Brief
What's New
Storm clouds over Ukraine's fragile democracy
School's in for summer
Getting the parents and the school and the kids all talking
Hollywood delivered at Iranian doorsteps
What is prosperity?
Testing times
Canada's edge: blood-free gems
Australia tackles a cute conundrum
Why the US needs a 'rich kids tax'
Grandson sees an attack on Gandhi legacy
Stop the presses! White House aides bowling.
In era of 'accountability,' parents get report cards, too
Christians still targets in India
Taking the 'business as usual' out of summer school
Crucible of Balkans Peace
To save a forest, chop here
Urban kids dig into science and get friendly with worms
A police-horse history