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Monitor Archive for July 14, 2000

Brits take brunt as Hollywood rewrites history
Not just kids' stuff
No-class humor brings in bucks per yuck
News In Brief
From Shaker art to 'wicked pleasures'
News In Brief
News In Brief
Solution to all-star no-shows: no game
Fox's borderline hope
What only railway clerks knew about the US mail
Democrats scurry to seal cracks in base
The Monitor Movie Guide
'X-Men' composer loves music from rock to Bach
Today's cartoon
Polishing pearls
Americans turn away from food stamps
Today's Story Line
Hockey tragedy spotlights parental rage
Even sans Hollywood glitz, imports dazzle
Raise incomes by restricting immigration
In drug war, treatment is back
He built our dream home his way
News In Brief
Why China views US as its military rival in Asia
Moody, dark 'X-Men' seems less than super
Missile failure bodes success
Words of Note
Fiji coup's end just a beginning
No hot dogs here; it's brie, terrine, and tarte tatin
Trading up With Vietnam
'Nuremberg' bests 'Big Brother'
The Egypt connection in Mideast peace talks
Full-time dad on the go-go creates CDs for kids
For crucial space station piece, now is the hard part
Broadway babies star in festival
Sports 101
A world of vibrant dance invades a bucolic former farm
Whats on TV
An EPA up The Creek
Harry Potter ... 'Hello Goodbye'
'Trout' hooks all ages