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Monitor Archive for July 12, 2000

Summit style: late nights and full fridge
Dreams blossom in implausible plots
Mostly quiet....
Crime rate sours Britain's cup of tea
Zimbabwe's prospects
Trading that briefcase for a whisk
Don't End Run the Courts
A whale of a time
News In Brief
Now I get it
News In Brief
America turns not-so-mobile
Today's Story Line
Music Man redux: 'got to give Iowa a try'
Changing role of fathers
US tries to keep Northeast homes toasty
Southwestern Tomatillo Chicken
Tour de fleurs
Why Arab states may reconsider the role of Al-Nakba
Just what will it take to learn our peacekeeping lesson?
Door-To-Door Gourmet
News In Brief
Bosnia's refugees in, donors out
Picasso's message of peace comes to Colombia's war
The two-step that transformed traffic
Russia takes advertising to the final frontier
'It's kinda weird being the only black girl'
Spread of AIDS raises moral issue for US
Young athletes cautioned about specializing too soon
Executive Excess?
Words Of Note
Hostas shine in the shade
Do no harm
News In Brief
Monitor Quiz
Today's cartoon
We test for you
Teenagers find temptation in a bottle