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Monitor Archive for June 6, 2000

Church to open library about Mary Baker Eddy
War and risk: When is the sacrifice justified?
Welfare a Nonissue? Not Yet
Kids light up as they find their place on stage
News In Brief
More views of Earth
News In Brief
Today's hot job recruits: dropouts
Japan's foot-in-mouth Mori stays course
A campaign year with substance
A rebuff of grandparents' rights
Hillary Clinton and the Jewish vote
Today's Story Line
A little grade inflation, please
News In Brief
A 'forceful' Moscow summit
Eye in the Sky
No calm on these Pacific isles
Math problem
Should the accused direct own trial strategy?
Readers weigh in on US math reform
Women's Progress
An inspiring word
News In Brief
A school of her own
Christian Scientists expand presence in cyberspace
Turning 'C' students into mathematicians
Germany builds 'trucks' that fly
In NBA Finals, Zen coach faces his biggest test
So you're not the type for the math club, eh?
Help for Sierra Leone