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Monitor Archive for June 23, 2000

Water damage ... on Mars
The Next Wave Of Summer Movies
News In Brief
Inspector Clouseau dons dancing shoes
News In Brief
News In Brief
Where do Woods, Bird rank among the best?
The rime of the ancient Ark Mariners
Summer hits: 'M:I-2' vs. 'A T. rex Named Sue'
The Monitor Movie Guide
Beki Snyder aims for the Sydney Olympics
'What can I do about this?'
Proposed Golan map divides families
US churches toil harder for unity in pews
Candidates cater to parents, but miss top concern: time
US backing away from sanctions
Three horses become one
News In Brief
Japan's 'lady birds' carry the campaign tune
Today's Story Line
Showtime makes room for minorities with new series
The roots of Dover's immigrant tragedy
Words Of Note
Mideast's lesson in cartography
Missile defense will be viable and necessary
Birth of modern art: when the rules changed
Banned on land, but free at sea?
Modern 'Grandma Moses' captures life in simpler times
Hate crimes: Should they receive special attention?
Jennings reports on Jesus
Keeping Mexican migrants safer
Olympics 2000 Notebook
Art Across America
'Rogue' Is Out. Who's In?
Political flames heat up Los Alamos
Ugly duckling takes flight in 'Honk!'