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Monitor Archive for June 1, 2000

Foreign journalists/spies: why the fuss?
CNN turns 20
News In Brief
Irian Jaya's independence dream
Old blends with new at the top of the world
Stirring in S. America's barracks
Why isn't every country a capitalist democracy?
To help endangered turtles, scientists try satellite tracking
The ultimate tree hugger climbs down to tell her story
Power in Votes, Not Person
The volcano on Montserrat
Someone leave a window open?
Celebrating spring
News In Brief
IN-FLIGHT JOURNAL - DAY 26: A flight of song
The fast lane
What's not brought to you by the letters PBS
With a click, Chinese vault cultural walls
The real leadership crunch
What's New
Manly men: their importance to society
Pioneer tales from the last news frontier
Walking Right In
What a wind blows in NGC 3783
Midwest's unlikely bellwether: Missouri
The Web gives charity a sporting chance
News In Brief
Shades of meaning
News In Brief
Lament of the pocket-protector set
Today's Story Line
Hiking in Oregon's early footsteps
Economy's latest miracle: easing US debt
Nader's rise puts Gore on guard
Serbia's prisoners imperil Kosovo peace
Making bird-safe farms in Britain