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Monitor Archive for May 30, 2000

Electoral strife dogs S. America
More challenge, not less, turns kids onto math
News In Brief
News In Brief
Fiji military takes control
News In Brief
Life at the top includes a kitty
Look who's running Los Angeles now
Changing America's path to reform
We're off to see the tutor
You can pray and be healed
US is content, but ready for change
Today's Story Line
Who is fighting for family farmers?
Grade-school math is not so elementary
Minority women deserve more recognition
The making of a senior statesman
Welcome to 'wild weather central'
News In Brief
Police, arms key tests for Belfast's stormy politics
Puerto Rico closes the gap
'I'd never go back to old ways'
US should get back to basics on 'one China' policy
Tainted water raises safety issues
Housemaids' woes spur Kuwait to review labor law
Step by Step in N. Ireland
Saxon math: practice, practice
At graduation, extolling cash and capitalism
Diversity and Learning
Riding a slow boat to the elections
In France, an assumption that math is important