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Monitor Archive for May 25, 2000

Along the Seine, little wheels keep on turning
Children's Bestsellers
EU gives regions a boost, and vice versa
News In Brief
News In Brief
Copper: cool and fast
To British supplier, France no longer foreign territory
News In Brief
Bird Central
The Fat Boys hip-hop group
Our mixed-breed mutt is a pure-bred 'snore hound'
Scientists find civilization where it isn't supposed to be
Fabricating fact from fiction
A brave girl sailing out on the wild blue sea
A new picture of Zimbabwe
One less airline may mean more competition
Today's Story Line
Blue jeans, chicken wings, and $26 million
Sleeping ugly
Boom economy taps prison labor
Hunters in a high-tech world
News In Brief
What's New
Latest invasion of military technology
Big Boss is watching Denver workers
Once upon a time, there was an anthology
Much ado about Napster
A world of children's books under one roof
Koreans shake chaebol shackles
Government should pay for Los Alamos fire
Helping foster Latin American democracies
Civilian sector eyes digital developments
Big vote of 2000 turns Capitol into political theater
Sowing seeds for good reads
Redefining 'neighbor' in Europe
Fresh light on the attic writer
When Buddhist Monks Act
Shopping 24/7 needs its boundaries
Words of Note