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Monitor Archive for May 19, 2000

Angrier crowds facing US troops in Kosovo
The incredible vanishing government
Keystone State may unlock election
News In Brief
Better - and better-paid - math teachers
News In Brief
Trinkets for New Teachers
News In Brief
Which art will top the Chartres?
It's a brave breakfast, whatever you call it
A note-worthy era for composers
For Michelle
Distant shore
Today's Story Line
Money to burn, but less time to cook dinner
Scientists puzzle over latest weird weather
Satisfaction that just doesn't add up
Drug-benefit fight: echoes of '65
The great wisteria wait wears on
News In Brief
Pardon me, may I watch this dance?
Haitian progress?
Looking for ourselves
Mom gets a lesson in making the grade
Korea summit goals kept modest
News In Brief
President harbors no dissent
Video's short, sharp shock
The fine art of twisting arms for China trade
Unmasking theater's many faces
Here's Why We're Over There
Sprinter Jones will take a leap of faith in Sydney
Vox pop! When music gives voice to masses