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Monitor Archive for May 12, 2000

When marital woes spill onto campaign stage
What does it all mean?
Self-defense spurs the Second Amendment Sisters
News In Brief
The arts through a long, long lens
News In Brief
News In Brief
Who's the best-ever behind the mike? Classy Jim McKay
Cats from 'away,' and one close to home
The return of wind turbines and solar cells
The Monitor Movie Guide
Singer begins to rock acting boat
Finally, I feel at home
High tech often wins on the Hill
Today's Story Line
A dominant dollar buoys US consumers
Films make still photos come to life
Women are not victims of a wage gap
Marching moms come from all walks of life
Ed knows; if only he would tell me
News In Brief
On neutral ground, rebels face Indonesian government
Filmmakers frame stories around family struggles
Clinton's exit, Putin's entrance - an odd summit balance
I'm almost done, just one more minute....
Sierra Leone's people take flight
London's new mayor stirs lively racial debate
Music That's Off-Key
Usually-fluffy TV digs a bit deeper
Budapest and beyond: FBI goes global
Utah shadowboxes with 'Fight Club' phenomenon
Judging films from gypsies to a clay man
Sports 101
Dutch museum spends big on 200th
What's On TV
Eyes on a Silicon Jackpot
Micro and soft: They go together