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Monitor Archive for April 7, 2000

A man on a mission
Cool then cool now
News In Brief
Can photography be considered art?
News In Brief
News In Brief
Where's Tiger? Follow the roar
Army needs its women
Are you sleeping, are you sleeping, Brother James?
Why Atlanta, not San Jose, tops job ranking
The Monitor Movie Guide
Matisse exhibit leaves a colorful impression
Live, from CBS studios, it's Sunday night
A new Monitor printing plant
The conviction that all is well
Court sentence clears Pakistan of power rivals
Today's Story Line
Pulpits' more compassionate view of suicide
Elian's dad is in the US, but for how long?
In Pursuit of War Criminals
US foreign agenda grinds to halt
This poem echoes for me still
News In Brief
Former friend of Chinese leaders now vocal critic of rights abuses
Building a Godard library
A bigger rumble for a ruble
Is Peru's press in peril?
German spy transcripts cause more worries for Kohl
A Father's Love for Elian
'Don Quixote': elegant homage
With White House e-mail, it's click now, repent later
First 'Sensation,' now 'Sanitation'
Playwright keeps antennae up
Sports 101
PBS in presidential form with ambitious series
What's On TV
All Tomatoes Are Not Equal
A nation lands in the golf trap
Whitney Biennial pulses with eclectic viewpoints